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Polaroid Sports PLD 7005/S (K30/IG)

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PLD 7005/S

Polaroid Sports PLD 7005/S K30/IG BROWN PZDKBRWSOLI  
PLD 7005/S is available in 3 additional attractive styles
Polaroid Sports PLD 7005/S 863/C3 RAUCHBLUE 
PLD 7005/S 863/C3
Polaroid Sports PLD 7005/S BB1/Y2 GREY PZMLT GREEN 
PLD 7005/S BB1/Y2
ships within 1-2 weeks
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xFree outbound and return shipping
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xFree outbound and return shipping
x30-day money-back guarantee
xLow prices
PLD 7005/S
Sizes & Details M
Lens Size 63
Bridge Size 17
Temple Length 123
Rim TypeFull rim
Frame styleRectangle
Frame materialPlastic
Lens ColourBrown
Lens colourBrown Pz
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These sunglasses are the perfect accessory on the beach, on the way to the office or in the city. There is only one slight drawback: all the envious looks you will attract. The PLD 7005/S is available in the Edel-Optics online shop in other styles from Polaroid Sports collections 2015 and 2016.

The frame is specially designed for men. Sporting clear lines, New School Cool meets traditional quality. Eyewear is in. Full rim is extremely popular, because you feel that you get more eyeglass for your money. It is not just about their resilience, but also about the visibility of material and design, which are of the highest quality. The quadratic shape is a good choice, especially for softer facial features. The square glasses give more contour to a round face. The straight outer edges also give the impression that the face is longer. Plastic is a very lightweight and flexible material. This ensures a long life and a high level of comfort. Brown is the perfect alternative for those who find black too high in contrast. Brown flatters the face unobtrusively. Similar to grey, brown lenses don't distort the visual impression as much as other colours do. With all other shades, the eyes take longer to neutralize the colour impression. This brand of sunglasses, of course, also provides your eyes with optimum UV400 protection. Whether driving or out on the slopes, your own safety sometimes depends on your angle of vision. The polarizing lenses in this model block the glare from reflecting surfaces, such as water, glass or snow and best sight is guaranteed.

The next shipment is on its way, so we will have your Polaroid Sports back in stock very soon. We hope the unbelievably low price will be a consolation for the short wait. In our online shop we have consistently low prices. You won't get PLD 7005/S at such a low price, not even in the sale.

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