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Polaroid Sunglasses


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Polaroid Sunglasses

the perfect protection for your eyes

For more than 75 years, Polaroid Company has been manufacturing sunglasses and placing particular emphasis on the best possible UV protection - because their founder invented the polarization of glasses. The idea for it belongs to the young graduate Edwin Land, who secretly worked on a project at a university and had patented it in 1929. He founded the company Polaroid, which placed on the market the first polarized sunglasses in 1937 and caused big enthusiasm. Over the years the Design of the glasses has been further advanced and improved. Even today, Polaroid Sunglasses are still very famous and sold all over the world, because of their flawless quality and high wearing comfort. They are also trendy and elegant and fit for every occasion. The Polaroid Sunglasses are available in many different colors and shapes and even as Polaroid Cars Sunglasses - the decision is definitely not easy to take! When buying your Polaroid Sunglasses, you should pay attention to the Polaroid logo at the top left side of the glasses, by that you identify an original Polaroid Sunglasses.

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Stars and Polaroid

Even famous stars are often spotted with Polaroid Sunglasses, because they are not only a good protection to the eyes but are also a fashionable companion and increase the value of every outfit. Lady Gaga, who was creative director of Polaroid some years ago, was often spotted with Polaroid Sunglasses and she is an absolute fan of this brand.


Polaroid Sunglasses are distinguished by their very good quality. Their glasses are robust as well as scratch-resistant and polarized of course. On sunny days ultraviolet rays can permanently damage the retina, that s why it is especially important, to wear polarized sunglasses, when the sun is shining. Polaroid offers several styles, which are available as Polaroid Sunglasses with prescription and also as sunglasses without prescription. It s also practical, that spectacle wearer can wear Polaroid Sunglasses simply with the aid of an attachment over their normal glasses. Beside men s and women s sunglasses, Polaroid offers Polaroid Junior Sunglasses as well, which protect sensitive children s eyes against damages by UV rays.

Which glasses suit me?

The brand Polaroid offers many models in different colors and shapes - the choice is huge. To facilitate your search, there is a filter on our website. There you can type the criteria for your new Polaroid glasses, so that you can just see the glasses, which match with your criteria. Here you can search for different colors, styles or shapes, for example Polaroid Sunglasses round, and so narrow your search down. If you have found a suitable model, you can try these on at our online-fitting and try them in different colors. Whether your Polaroid Sunglasses should be red, black, orange or even colorful, you can decide by the help of the fitting. If you need your sunglasses with prescription, the digital optician can help you to find the right prescription sunglasses for you. Now your new sunglasses are on the way and the order can be placed. When placing the order, you can choose between different payment methods, which vary according to the country, as well as between a normal and an express shipment. If any part of the glasses is damaged, you can replace this by Polaroid Sunglasses spare parts and repair them easily. To avoid damages, a Polaroid Sunglasses case is advisable, which protects your sunglasses in an optimal way and in addition still looks trendy. Also the cases are available in different models and colors, so that it includes the right thing for all tastes.


A Polaroid sunglasses complaint can be returned free of charge. Individually made glasses with prescription can t be refunded, except shortcomings are existent. If you have any questions regarding your order or our sunglasses, our customer service, which you can reach by the local telephone number, will be glad to assist you. If you would like to get advice on the spot, you can visit one of our Polaroid Sunglasses Hamburg stores, where expert staff will be glad to advise you and you can buy your glasses directly.

About us

At our stores you will be advised by glasses specialists for the fashion-excited customers. We look at sunglasses as accessories and lifestyle items, and we advise our customers in our stores according to our motto BE AND BE SEEN. There you can try every possible model on and can directly purchase your Polaroid Sunglasses. You can also order your dream glasses easily at our Polaroid Sunglasses online shop and look forward to their arrival. To save money, you can buy your sunglasses as well at the Polaroid Sunglasses sale and you will be happy about this one or other bargain. The German footballer Jérôme Boateng has recognized the fact that spectacles are not just an article of daily use, and has recently designed his first own glasses collection. This is available at Edel-Optics and offers the perfect glasses for the fashion-conscious man of today.

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