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Sylvie Meis Sunglasses

Sylvie Optics

"There is no him in hero" - This maxim is oriented towards the Sylvie Meis sunglasses campaign, that the Dutch superwoman permanently exemplifies in an impressive way, thus proving that Sylvie Meis’ greatness is by no means to be measured in height, completely in keeping with the aphorism "DIY". But the attributes affectionate mother, successful business woman, quick-witted moderator and elegant model are just a few facets of the fascinating personality that defines the multi-talented woman and highlights her versatility.

Facets of her self-designed sunglasses for women that in shape and colour take on an unmistakable look in her "her_O" line of the brand Sylvie Optics. After her "Sylvie Designs" swimwear and lingerie lines, the smart Dutch woman now dares to take the next step as a designer, with her Sylvie Meis sunglasses collection, a step in the right direction. After all, sunglasses are Sylvie Meis’ constant companion. She owns just about 500 models, of which various jewels can be seen on Sylvie Meis' Instagram account (1misssmeis).

Her own Sylvie Meis Eyewear Brand was just a question of the right timing and the right timing is now. It's no surprise that the passionate eyewear lover does not do things by halves, because her determination makes her stand out in all her endeavours. As part of her exclusive cooperation with the multichannel optician Edel-Optics, she has realized her vision of Sylvie Meis sunglasses, proving that she knows what is important to be fully in trend in 2018. "Sunglasses are the icing on the cake of my look," explains the everyday hero who was born in Breda. "So to speak the finishing touches, that's why I'm now all the happier because I can now express my passion for sunglasses in my own Sylvie collection."

Apart from her professional commitments, Sylvie Meis always cuts a good figure in Hamburg, her chosen home town. Whether in a cocktail dress at a gala dinner or in a casual street look, when she and her son are out and about in the city of Hamburg, the former "Let's Dance" presenter knows like no other how to score points with her specially selected outfits without looking feigned or false. She has also made sunglasses a central part of her distinctive look. "I love fashion and enjoy putting my outfits together again and again. I pay particular attention to details – and the right sunglasses are absolutely essential ", says the business and style icon, who can seldom be found on the go or on her various social media channels like Sylvie Meis Facebook or Sylvie Designs Pinterest without the It-piece.

With the retail brand Edel-Optics in Hamburg, she now has a partner at her side that not only shares her view of eyewear as a fashion accessory and lifestyle object, but with Sylvie Meis glasses in its product portfolio also underlines its own credo "SEE AND BE SEEN. At the same time, the smart Dutch woman was not satisfied with a role on the sideline, but with her clear ideas, decisive influence and thought-out design proposals, was the driving force in the creative and production process.

The result of the collaboration is not only an adornment for the nose, but each of the Sylvie Meis models does not have to hide behind large and renowned brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Tom Ford or Prada, in terms of style, material and craftmanship. In total, her "her_O" collection includes five charming models in four different colour variations.

The keyword Sylvie Meis queen of sunglasses takes on a whole new twist and sunglasses a very special place in Sylvie Meis' CV.

The models of Sylvie Optics



The everyday life of a power woman is demanding. Sport as compensation is almost inevitable. Of course, sunglasses should not be missing before or after Sylvie Meis' workout or even during it. This is exactly where the ACTIVE models in the feminine panto pilot style come into play. The filigree lines give the metal glasses a modern retro look that always make you look great. The subtle mirroring looks cool and sporty, while the noble-decorative logo pin and the discreet Sylvie decor on the end of the acetate temple already identifies at first glance the glasses as .



Noble, classy, stylish, elegant - there are many translations for "classy". After all, fine feathers do not always make fine birds. But with the right sunglasses you always make a good impression in any company. With the elegant CLASSY models, you can do nothing wrong. The high-quality acetate frame in the fashionable oversize look never looks out of place and is reminiscent of legendary style icons like Audrey Hepburn or Madonna. In addition, the trendy eyeglass frame with the large lenses also offers you a moment of tranquility by letting you withdraw from the world, breathing a sigh of relief. Modern everyday heroines also need a break every now and then. For example, when the paparazzi once again besiege Sylvie Meis' apartment to try to get a snapshot. Sylvie Meis stresses another plus for these characteristic sunglasses. They not only provide protection from UV rays and sunlight, but also shields her soul from prying eyes, when leaving her own comfort zone.



The PASSIONATE models perfect a relaxed casual look. The aesthetic metal glasses with the double bridge are oriented on the latest vibrations of eyewear designers. The same applies to flat lens glasses and reflective coatings, which are the latest trends in the eyewear industry. The decorative Sylvie button on the temple gives the eyeglass frame that extra something and identifies it as an exclusive model of the Sylvie Optics collection. For the eyewear frames and the typical Sylvie Meis sunglasses look, the Dutch woman was inspired by love and appreciation of life, especially influenced by her child and her family.



The models of the SELFMADE line with their cat-eye frames and round lenses radiate cool self-confidence with an Italian flair. The SELFMADE model is especially directed towards women who take responsibility for their own happiness. The matte finish of the metal eyeglasses looks simultaneously coolly-elegant and extravagant. Premium and fashionable details such as Sylvie's logo on the temple and the sophisticated 3D profile make the SELFMADE models of Sylvie Meis' sunglasses both up-to-date and timeless. An absolute highlight of Sylvie Optics.



The SENSUAL line enables every woman to perfectly emphasize her self-assured charisma - whether on red carpets, at gala performances or on other scene events. The SENSUAL model underlines your seductive and feminine traits coupled with a pinch of sex appeal. The semi-transparent lenses are based on the trends of the industry and are highly revealing. Showing your eyes is "hip", "in" and "cool" again. The vintage style model with its material mix of metal and acetate is not only visually an absolute eye-catcher for the fashion-minded women of the world, but also arouses technical attention with their 100% UV protection in every life and sunshine situation.

High Quality Frames and Designs

The fashionable Sylvie Optics sunglasses are convincing with their sometimes unusual, sometimes puristic designs and their coloured frames. Refined and clear lines, as well as scratch-resistant and robust flat lenses and standard lenses combine the latest trends with exclusive materials. The perfect appearance is the combination of luxurious acetates and graceful eyewear shapes. And it goes without saying that UV protection will never let you down in strong sunlight, making the Sylvie Meis sunglasses your ideal companion in all situations. This enables you to make a statement at every vernissage, every party or at the neighbour's barbecue. There are no limits when choosing your favourite eyewear. And you can always count on us even when looking for spare parts or replacement lenses, and we will always assist you with advice and support.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you are looking for Sylvie Optics sunglasses, we at Edel-Optics exclusively have the whole range available. Proven designs such as cat-eye or aviator sunglasses can be found, as well as surprising material and colour combinations. To find your right sunglasses from Sylvie Optics, try our online fitting, where you can see the desired model right on your nose. If the frame pinches a little, our blog can certainly help you. Also, our "Master of Glasses" has a lot of tips on topics like "repairs" or "adjustment" in his repertoire.

Once you have chosen the frame, our digital dispensing optician will assist you in finding the right lenses. Alternatively, we can have your Sylvie sunglasses made with prescription lenses. Whether you decide on a specific colour or a matt coating depends entirely on your own taste.

When you find your favourite model, you can order it directly online. And if you change your mind, you can simply return your Sylvie sunglasses for free within 30 days. Individually made prescription lenses cannot be reimbursed unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact customer service via our local telephone number, support via our social media channels or our staff directly in one of our two Hamburg stores.

Our Individual Service

For all questions that arise during the purchase of glasses like "the right size of Sylvie Meis sunglasses?" you have the opportunity to contact us at any time. With our concentrated expertise, we are always available, whether in the digital or analogue world. Feel free to come quickly and easily to one of our two Hamburg stores in the AEZ or on Ottenser Hauptstraße to get professional and individual advice. In addition, the easy shipping (standard or express), our free return policy and the various payment methods make matters simple when your purchase from us.

About Us

If you want to buy Sylvie Optics sunglasses online, we are the right people to contact. In our online shop you will find the various models at unbeatable prices. As eyewear specialists for fashion-enthusiastic clientele, we offer only the highest-quality models at absolute bargain prices under the claim "SEE AND BE SEEN". Even reduced sunglasses and products from the in-house sale are available here. So, start immediately and with just one click and let yourself be carried away to the extraordinary eyewear universe of Edel-Optics!

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